Radial Linear Bearing with Threaded Stud

HeavyD™ Radial Linear Bearing with Threaded Stud

Another great addition to the heavy-duty roller family!! A convenient alternative to the already popular HeavyD™ Combined Bearing with mounting plate, this high load cam follower (roller) offers the same dual load capacity with a threaded mounting stud that simplifies assembly, maintenance and repairs. Boasting the same high load capacity, the HeavyD™ heavy duty linear bearing with stud is a great choice for RV slide-outs, medical equipment, packaging, automotive, pulp & paper, mobile containment units and much more!

The HeavyD™ Family – Small, Sweet and Simple

Same attributes as the HeavyD™ combined bearing with threaded stud, this cam follower cuts out the middle roller and offers the same great high load capacity and flexibility as the combination bearing version.

The HeavyD™ radial roller with stud can be ordered with these part numbers: HDS-252, HDS-272, HDS-280 and HDS-290

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Radial Roller Bearing with Threaded Stud

Radial Linear Bearing with Threaded Stud