Adjustable Clamp Flanges

HeavyD™ Adjustable Clamp Flange

IDA Motion offers HeavyD™ adjustable clamp flanges that are ideal for the “system” approach to your high load linear guide design. Made with low carbon steel, these mounting clamps secure the HeavyD™ profile U channel to the floor or other mounting surface. Weldable or bolt them down – even ask for a custom design! IDA Motion custom CNC Machining and fabrication services can help!

The HeavyD™ Family – We Clamp It Down

The HeavyD™ combination bearing product offering includes multiple accessories for system design. Adjustable clamp flanges are made with heavy-duty steel construction and welded to a mounting flange. Ask IDA Motion about custom mounting configurations and options. Full service CNC machining and design is available to meet your unique specifications.

HeavyD™ adjustable clamp flange part numbers include: HDC-0, HDC-1, HDC-2, HDC-3, HDC-4

HeavyD Clamps for Bearing U-channel Rail

HeavyD Adjustable Clamp Flange for Bearing Rail