Welcome to the HeavyD™ Combined Bearing Family

HeavyD™ high load combination linear roller bearings provide versatility in handling axial and radial loads simultaneously.  Consider HeavyD™ combi bearings which are ideal for a variety of high load material handling and lifting applications.

With uses that require heavy load capacity and medium to low precision, heavy duty hardened roller bearings and linear profile systems can be integrated into most industries such as:

Automotive, oil / gas, food & beverage, finishing lines, tool & die manufacturing, aerospace, medical, packaging, material handling, marine, pulp and paper, general manufacturing, sorting and transfer systems, cranes and hoists, and more!!


Bearings for palletizers/depalletizers, high load lifts, cranes and hoists, horizontal and vertical feed units, shrink-wrappers, RV slide-outs, finishing lines (overhead conveyor bearing), automotive lifts, iron roughnecks, die transfer rollers and much, much more!  Feel free to challenge these heavy duty linear bearings!

IDA Motion, Inc. is a global minded company with suppliers and customers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia! We source and produce products with consistent quality offered at a competitive price. Products are stocked centrally in Rockford, IL for fast delivery. Try IDA Motion for your linear motion needs!: http://www.idamotion.com

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