HeavyD Combined Bearings – Fixed Axial Roller

HeavyD™ Combined Bearings with Fixed Axial Bearing

You can call them heavy duty cam followers, high load roller bearings, combination bearings, combi bearings, mast guide bearings, forklift bearings, material handling bearings, finishing line bearings – all are perfect to describe the attributes and uses for the HeavyD™ Combined Bearing products and heavy duty rail systems. Any low precision application that screams for a tough, hardened roller bearing needs to take a look at the HeavyD™… Your high load bearing choice!!!  This is THE heavy duty linear profile system!

The HeavyD™ Family – A Heavy Duty Bearing of any other name is not the same!

Also known as Combi Bearings, the HeavyD™ combination bearing is the ideal choice for any heavy duty linear motion application that has high loads with a low precision requirement. The combined bearing has the added benefit of handling axial and radial forces simultaneously with an integrated axial roller set inside the radial roller bearing. Because of this unique property, these combi rollers are perfect for forklifts (mast guide bearings), palletizers and depalletizers, cranes and hoists, vertical and horizontal feed units, shrink wrappers, overhead conveyors and any other high load material handling applications. This particular bearing’s inner axial roller is fixed – meaning the overall height of the roller can not be changed.

HeavyD™ Combined Bearing with fixed axial roller goes by the following part numbers: HD-053, HD-054, HD-055, HD-056, HD-057, HD-058, HD-059, HD-060, HD-061, HD-062 and HD-063.

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Combined Bearings - Fixed Axial Roller

HeavyD Combined Bearing with Fixed Axial Roller