Radial Bearings

HeavyD™ Radial Bearing

Just an added touch… Simple and refined without the center axial roller, but same dimensions and capacity as her sister, the HeavyD™ combination roller bearing. She works just as effectively in high load linear profile applications – she just only rolls one way!

The design is a straight-forward heavy duty needle roller bearing with hardened surface. Same look and feel with the same ability to be called a high load material handling bearing or heavy duty linear guide!

The HeavyD™ Family – The Plain Jane

Still the high load capacity cam follower / roller you’re looking for, but simplified to radial roller only. Same types of applications, same attributes… just a little more plain. IDA Motion is pleased to introduce this classic to the HeavyD™ line that boasts the same radial load capacities and dimensions as big sister.

The HeavyD™ Radial Bearing part numbers: HD-254, HD-255, HD-256, HD-258, HD-261, HD-262, HD-263

HeavyD Radial Bearing

HeavyD Radial Bearing