Flange Plates

HeavyD™ Flange Plates

HeavyD™ Steel Flange Plates for use with the HeavyD™ Combination Roller Bearings! Can also be considered a weldable plate for any high load cam follower! Made of low carbon steel, standard flange plates are designed to fit the variety of high load bearings we offer. If you don’t see what you want, we can design according to your requirements in our handy dandy CNC Machining Center! See more of our custom machining capabilities at: www.ida-machining.com!

The HeavyD™ Family – Pick Your Plate

Standard or custom flange plates for the high load HeavyD™ roller bearings? We’ve got them! HeavyD™ steel flange plates, made of low-carbon steel are fabricated specifically for the HeavyD™ combined bearings.  Custom flange? – No problem! IDA Motion seasoned machinists fabricate any design you provide.  In addition, take advantage of IDA Motion welding and fabrication services for a full bearing assembly.

Flange plates are made of low-carbon steel, so easily weldable to structures. Available in other sizes and shapes with thru holes, drilled and tapped holes, radius, and anything else you can dream up!  Standard HeavyD™ plates are rectangular and square, but don’t limit yourself! Special heavy-duty bearings can often require special pairings!!!

Our part numbers:  HDP-S, HDP-0, HDP-1, HDP-2, HDP-3.1, HDP-4, HDP-5, HDP-6, HDP-SQ, HDP-0Q, HDP-1Q, HDP-2Q, HDP-3Q, HDP-3Q, HDP-4Q, HDP-6Q, HDP-85Q, HDP-89Q, HDP-90Q, HDP-91Q, HDP-92Q, HDP-93Q, and HDP-94Q.

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HeavyD Flange Plates - weldable plates for high load cam followers

HeavyD Flange Plates for Combined Bearings