Jumbo Bearings

HeavyD™ Jumbo Combined Bearings with Adjustable Axial Bearing

Make way for the biggest high load capacity roller (cam follower) of them all!! Heavy duty roller bearing designed to take the weight, HeavyD™ just got bigger…

The HeavyD™ Family – Here’s the Big Deal!

JUMBO BEARINGS – The HeavyD™ combined roller bearings grew into mega rollers! IDA Motion now offers huge combination bearings for the most demanding high load industrial applications. These hardened roller bearings have up to 1370 kN (154 tons) static load capacity per bearing! Same sturdy, easy to use design… magnified!

Utilize this jumbo cam follower with super duper high load capacity to move elephants or mountains. If that isn’t your need, try our heavy duty bearings in oil & gas, automotive, metals and mining, and steel industries. Whether horizontal linear motion or vertical lifting, these jumbo bearings are a perfect fit!

HeavyD™ Jumbo Combined Bearing part numbers include: HD-085, HD-089, HD-090, HD-091, HD-092, HD-093, and HD-094

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Jumbo Combined with Adjustable Axial Bearing

HeavyD Jumbo Combined Bearings with Adjustable Axial Bearing